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I am a passionate mom who believes in feeding my family the most natural, fresh, organic, and seasonal foods based on the macrobiotic diet. I have been studying to be a macrobiotic counselor and living a modern macrobiotic lifestyle for the past 6 years. Macro Baby Food is a macrobiotic baby food line that I have started in order to help busy moms who want to feed their children the most natural and nutrient dense food possible. It is important to start feeding your children the best nutrients from day one! While I am also a Personal Trainer, food is my true passion and that is why I began my journey into creating Macro Baby Food.

Macro Baby Food is an all natural, organic, seasonal, baby food line made from fresh local produce. It was created for any person that wants the most nutrient dense food for his or her child. It is a fresh to order baby food service, where the food is made within 24 hours of pick up. All food is vegan friendly as well as macrobiotic friendly, and most foods are gluten free. I use BPA free stand up pouches that are easy to freeze and thaw.

My mission is to provide all children with the best nutrients possible in order to help create their best health. Food is the body’s fuel to create balance physically and mentally. This is why is is important to start feeding your children the best fuel from day one. If you start with Macro Baby Food then you will be starting with the best quality I can provide.


2 responses to “About

  1. Stephanie’s foods will be available soon. If interested now, contact her.

  2. bill klar says:

    Wow what a great concept to have your baby not eat all that procesed food to eat something that is real from god I really like what you are doing saveing babies lives so they can live a life free of all the things we get when we grown up

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